Just One More Step! If You've Made It This Far You're An A+ Player! Please Answer Just A Few Questions Below To See If You Qualify For More Hands-On Training From Sean & Our Team

If you qualify for 7 Figure Syndicate, you will have access to (2) 3-Day experiential events at  luxury resorts in beautiful locations.


Past 7 Figure Syndicate Masterminds have been held in Napa and Cabo San Lucas, and future Masterminds will be held at resorts across the world.


You will be staying in luxury suites like the one pictured to the right, and be able to enjoy the resort’s spa, pools, bars, gourmet restaurants, and shopping.


Experiencing a luxury resort in paradise will allow you to visualize the lifestyle of a successful business owner (the lifestyle you want).

In addition to that, it will be a reward for all your hard work.


The 7 Figure Syndicate is a vacation … a “retreat” from your “day to day” life … and YOU deserve it.


You will also be able to join us for up to (4) 2-Day tactical events throughout the year to keep your skills sharp,, network with your peers, and create new opportunities.


When you join 7 Figure Syndicate, you will get vacations like this, plus much more.

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